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Re-engineering and Design of Fabricated Components for All Industries Including Medical, Automotive and Military

Improve Manufacturability

Fabricating Solutions - Re-engineering

We look at the current design of your components and make recommendations on how to improve design and manufacturability so that they save time and money. When you have Fabricating Solutions work with your designers for optimal manufacturing, you can reduce costs throughout the entire lifetime of the product.

Combination and separation of parts

Fabricating Solutions - Re-engineering

Do you need more efficient methods of producing a part? We have extensive experience in reengineering so that we can help you combine or Reduce parts for more efficient manufacturability. Quite often a customer will be creating three or more parts and we assist them in reengineering the part so that are they are creating one component.

Reducing secondary operations and part handling

We can help you reduce secondary operations to make your business more efficient and cost effective. We can supplement your design and engineering needs if you do not have the capability required to manufacture certain components. Our engineering staff can provide you with the 3D engineering required to build complex parts/prototypes.